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Fast Track Foundation Crack Repair
in New Weston, OH

Water in Basement? Foundation Cracks?
Wet Basements?
Each of these Could Be the Signs of Bigger Problems!

Cracked Foundation in Basement

BEFORE you expend THOUSANDS of DOLLARS on foundation repair, wet basements, coping with water in basement and basement waterproofing agreements? Consider Fast Track's low cost basement repair consulting services in New Weston, OH to locate and address the true issues with your wet basement or foundation cracks! Wet basements, water in basement and foundation cracks are frequently signs of even bigger problems. Know what these problems are. And do not just look in your basement?.Get a low cost evaluation of your home's indoor and exterior issues that might cause the problems. Call the low-cost experts for New Weston, OH at Fast Track, we're Experts in wet basements, foundation crack repairs and basement water infiltration.

Enhance the value of your home.
Improve the standard of your basement.

A Crucial Part of Home Maintenance
in New Weston, OH is Foundation Repair!

Most dwellings will need basement repair at some point. Here are a few fundamental factors behind basic foundation:

  • Building upon weak or softer soils, or compressive or improperly compressed soils
  • Clay-based soil that expands or shrinks with temperature and moisture levels
  • Atmospheric or environmental factors like annual rainfall levels as well as the coldness of winters
  • Insufficient or negligent foundation care

Our foundation repairs specialist will choose a strategy based on many factors like size of the dwelling, the toughness of the dirt around your foundation, along with the magnitude of the water in basement and foundation fractures and leak(s). This includes elements such as inadequately designed or constructed floor framing causing cracks around the foundation, water in basement, wet basement or continually compressing soil that is bowing the foundation walls. Maintenance to handle the severity of these problems or making use of basement waterproofing can cost THOUSANDS of DOLLARS, although at times cracks are generated by the normal settling of your home and foundation, and are nothing to be alarmed about. You may not have to have basement waterproofing that costs thousands. We will measure your structural requirements. Usually we are able to provide remedies that will cost you a mere fraction of contracting a basement waterproofing contractor who brings in heavy equipment and commences digging up your yard or worse, your basement!

Foundation crack repair often is quickly dealt with using sealing injections in all areas that are showing cracks as a result of settling or simple ground-level pressure points.

5-Year Warranty

Foundation crack repair often is the easiest component of basement repair that delivers the most effective preventative maintenance over the life of your home. At Fast Track Foundation Crack Repair, we've learned that since home foundation damage manifests by means of cracks in basement surfaces and flooring, that often times other areas of the structure such as exterior and interior house walls, flooring, doorways, window frames, driveways, and patios all can add pressure to the primary structure and, therefore, basement repair is generally necessary. To return the home to its elegance, stability and value, foundation crack repair is normally a commonplace, essential, and relatively low cost course of action with appreciable long-term benefits. Think of the value of no more wet basements.

Fast Track's basement repairs effectively seal the cracks and crevices in your foundation or crawl space concrete foundation walls by injecting a liquid urethane solution through plastic ports placed on the wall. When this solution makes contact with water, the urethane expands FORTY TIMES its volume and transforms from a liquid to a solid. The process effectively leads to basement waterproofing of the foundation at these {locations|spots|points} and prevents water from coming back through those cracks again.


Basement repair is critical for conserving a fit and lasting home. At Fast Track Foundation Crack Repair in New Weston, OH we'll come to your home and provide a free inspection to discover the source of the wet basements, cracks in your walls and foundation, plus supply you with a cost quote accompanied by an overall strategy for the best ways to address the problems. We understand how important fast and effective foundation repair is for the home owner, and we aim to manage concrete slab and concrete foundation repairs quickly to avoid the chance of more damage as well as to reduce your costs and stress.

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