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Fast Track Foundation Crack Repair
in Whitehall, OH

Water in Basement? Foundation Cracks?
Wet Basements?
Those Might be the Signs of Greater Problems!

Cracks in Foundation

Prior to deciding to commit THOUSANDS of DOLLARS on foundation repair, wet basements, dealing with water in basement or basement waterproofing contracts? Look at Fast Track's low-cost basement repair consultation services in Whitehall, OH to help you find and correct the real troubles with your wet basement or foundation cracks! Wet basements, water in basement and foundation cracks usually are symptoms of greater trouble. Fully understand what precisely those issues are. And don't just look in the basement?.Get a low-cost evaluation of the home's interior and external conditions that may cause the problems. Call our low cost consultants for Whitehall, OH at Fast Track, we're Professionals for wet basements, foundation crack repairs and basement water infiltration.

Improve the property value of your property.
Boost the quality of your basement.

A Key Part of Home Maintenance
in Whitehall, OH is Foundation Repair!

Virtually all households need basement repair sometime. Below are a few important reasons for foundation:

  • Constructing on feeble or soft soils, or pliable or poorly compacted soils
  • Clay-based soils that expand or shrink with temperatures along with moisture content levels
  • Atmospheric or environmental factors such as total annual precipitation amounts and the cold weather of winters
  • Inadequate or lack of foundation maintenance

Your foundation repairs consultant will select a process built on numerous components such as dimensions of the structure, the durability of the soil surrounding your foundation, as well as the level of the water in basement and foundation cracks and leak(s). This incorporates factors like poorly engineered or installed floor framing leading to fractures about the foundation, water in basement, wet basement or continuously contracting ground that may be bowing the basement wall structure. Repairs to control the degree of these problems or even using basement waterproofing could cost THOUSANDS of DOLLARS, yet occasionally cracks are caused by the ordinary settling of the home and foundation, and they are nothing to be worried about. You might not need to have basement waterproofing which costs 1000s. We will determine your structural needs. Frequently we can present solutions that may cost a mere small fraction of hiring a basement waterproofing contractor who brings in large equipment and begins digging up your yard or worse, your basement!

Foundation crack repair generally is quickly taken care of employing sealing injections in any areas which are exposing fractures from settling or simple ground-level tension points.

5-Year Warranty

Foundation crack repair can be the simplest part of basement repair that provides the best preventive maintenance across the lifetime of your home. At Fast Track Foundation Crack Repair, we have found that mainly because home foundation pressure develops through crevices in basement walls and floors, that a lot of times other parts of the building such as external and internal house walls, floors, doors, window frames, drives, and verandas all may add strain to your primary structure and, as a result, foundation crack repair is frequently necessary. To return your property to its beauty, sturdiness and value, foundation crack repair is certainly a frequent, necessary, and comparatively low-cost procedure with significant long term benefits. Think about the value of no more wet basements.

Fast Track's basement repairs competently seal the fractures and crevices in the basement or crawlspace concrete foundation walls by way of injecting a liquid urethane solution through plastic ports attached to the wall. Once the liquid makes contact with H2O, the urethane expands 40 TIMES its volume and converts from a liquid to a solid. Using this method properly sets off basement waterproofing of the foundation at these {locations|spots|points} and inhibits water from moving through those cracks ever again.


Basement repair is essential for maintaining a normal functioning and long-lasting home. At Fast Track Foundation Crack Repair in Whitehall, OH we will visit your residence and deliver a free inspection to determine the source of the wet basements, cracks on your walls and foundation, plus provide you with a price estimate coupled with an over-all strategy of how to repair the problem. We know how critical fast and effective foundation repair is for the property owner, and we make an attempt to handle concrete slab and concrete foundation repairs at once to prevent the opportunity of additional damage and to minimize your expenses and anxiety.

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